• Had One Too Many
  • Reduce Alcohol Content Fast
  • Feel Good In The Morning

Had One Too Many?…Wanna Get Sober Quick?

SoberQuick is a simple and effective clinically tested product for reversing
intoxication by lowering blood alcohol levels quickly.

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  • Clinically Tested
  • Easy to Carry & Easy to Use
  • Reduces Blood Alcohol Levels
  • Get Sober Up to 2x Quicker
  • Reduce Toxic Effects of Alcohol
  • Feel Better the Next Day
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This is not a hangover cure. This is SoberQuick.

In clinical tests, SoberQuick resulted in a faster elimination of alcohol from the blood stream producing a quicker return to sobriety. In the best cases, up to twice as fast as normal. Eliminating blood alcohol more quickly creates the secondary benefit of reducing hangover symptoms.

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Pour the contents of the packet into 16 ounces of water to accelerate a return to sobriety by up to twice as fast as normal. SoberQuick will dissolve completely after about 60 seconds of stirring or shaking. Add ice if desired.

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